Monday, April 21, 2014

A Sunny Easter At Home

I've never been so happy to see Spring as I am this year. Being in NY, we had the longest, coldest and most brutal winter I can ever remember. We all felt like bears in hibernation. Now that Spring has officially sprung and we've been flush with sunny days, we've thrown open the windows and doors and are enjoying every minute of fresh air that we can get. I can already sense a new level of happiness and joy in the kids that only long days playing outside can bring.

We were especially excited about Easter this year. It was our first Easter in our new house and we were hosting a big group of family and lifelong friends and lots of kids. We spent Saturday decorating, dying eggs and getting ready for the big day. The kids had so much fun. They love making crafts and had the best time sitting at the kitchen table together decorating Easter egg pictures to put up all over the kitchen.


I love holidays, entertaining and just going all out. Childhood goes by in a flash and I want to make as much magic for the kids as I can. We filled their baskets with books, puzzles, crafts, fun stuff for outside and, of course, Peeps and chocolate. As intense as I am about eating healthy, clean and organic, there are some days that the kids just need a free pass - Easter is definitely one of those days. They had gummy worms for breakfast and enjoyed every minute of it!



The Easter egg hunt was awesome. We had 16 kids flying all over the backyard trying to grab every egg they saw. I have to say, they were great. The older kids even left a few eggs on the ground so the littlest bunnies could have some too. We were highly impressed with their restraint.

We had a little backyard Indy 500 going on.
Serious chocolate eating about to go down
The look on Mason's face sums up the day - happy, carefree and outside. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect Easter. I hope you all had a warm and wonderful day with family and friends too.




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