Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Weekend To Remember

We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos this past weekend and I will freely admit that I hated it for the first hour we were there. Hated. It. 
We waited in a very long check-in line only to find out our room wouldn't be ready for a while. So, we decided to go into the water park and let the kids swim rather than make them wait. We pulled our bathing suits out of the suitcase and headed into the waterpark where there were no cabanas available, no lockers available and the changing rooms were filthy. I honestly wanted to leave. 

So, I took a deep breath and thought about how excited the kids were to be there. Then, I reminded myself that this was not the Ritz Carlton and to chill out and just go with the flow. Let the fun begin.

Since there were no lockers, I put our clothes in a pile in the corner, crossed my fingers they would be there when we got back and headed to the water park - which was thankfully a lot cleaner than the changing rooms.


We wound up staying in the water park for over 5 hours. The kids had the best time and we loved seeing how much fun they were having. 

When we got back to the room, we showered the kids, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. We were all completely exhausted from such a fun afternoon. 

I love that the rooms are designed for the whole family to stay together. Although, we were not quite sure how it was going to work out since all 4 kids have never slept in the same room together.....with us in the same room as well.

While we didn't have the best night's sleep ever, it really wasn't bad. The kids were amazing. They loved bunking together and it was so cute hearing them talk to each other about the day as they were falling asleep.

This weekend was full of laughs, smiles on the kids faces and just the 6 of us having fun together as a family. No work, no stress, just family time. Exactly the weekend I had hoped it would be and one I know they'll always remember.

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